Law and GospelListen now (19 min) | Confusing and Conflating the Two
Cultivating Gratitude Ascolta ora (21 min) | On the first episode of 2023, Ryan and Joey discuss the foundation of gratitude and the importance of cultivating it in your…

December 2022

Last Episode of 2022Listen now (18 min) | On this last episode of the year, Ryan and Joey discuss some highlights from 2022 both personal and bigger picture.
The Lord's Day and ChristmasListen now (23 min) | Should You Gather?

November 2022

The Day of Trouble: Depression, Scripture and the God Who is NearListen now (22 min) | A discussion about Joey's upcoming book

October 2022

Reformation Episode: Solo or Sola Scriptura?Listen now (17 min) | On this episode, Joey and Ryan discuss the difference between Sola and Solo and thus the difference between Scripture traditions…
On Defending Life in a Culture of Death Listen now (26 min) | A Conversation with Ryan Holloway, Executive Director of Care Net Peninsula

September 2022

A Conversation about FriendshipListen now (34 min) | What it is, obstacles to it, and how to cultivate it...
Interview with Dave JenkinsListen now (40 min) | The Word Matters: Defending Biblical Authority Against the Spirit of the Age
Special Announcement from RyanListen now (7 min) | A special, brief announcement from Ryan Davidson. For more information:

August 2022

Bible Interpretation and the AcademyListen now (16 min) | How should we interpret the Bible? Can we really know the authorial intent of the biblical writers? Joey & Ryan discuss Biblical…
Should We Treat the Bible Like Other Books?Listen now (12 min) | On this episode Ryan & Joey discuss how the Bible is different than other books and what that means for the way in which we…