Online Quest or Local FellowshipListen now (28 min) | Are you investing in your local church?
Reflections on SufferingListen now (28 min) | On this more personal episode, Ryan and Joey reflect on suffering and the goodness of God.
Put Not Your Trust in PrincesListen now (28 min) | Christians and Politics
Law and GospelListen now (19 min) | Confusing and Conflating the Two
Cultivating Gratitude Listen now (21 min) | On the first episode of 2023, Ryan and Joey discuss the foundation of gratitude and the importance of cultivating it in your life.
Last Episode of 2022Listen now (18 min) | On this last episode of the year, Ryan and Joey discuss some highlights from 2022 both personal and bigger picture.
The Lord's Day and ChristmasListen now (23 min) | Should You Gather?
The Day of Trouble: Depression, Scripture and the God Who is NearListen now (22 min) | A discussion about Joey's upcoming book
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