Online Quest or Local FellowshipListen now (28 min) | Are you investing in your local church?
Reflections on SufferingListen now (28 min) | On this more personal episode, Ryan and Joey reflect on suffering and the goodness of God.

February 2023

Put Not Your Trust in PrincesListen now (28 min) | Christians and Politics

January 2023

Law and GospelListen now (19 min) | Confusing and Conflating the Two
Cultivating Gratitude Listen now (21 min) | On the first episode of 2023, Ryan and Joey discuss the foundation of gratitude and the importance of cultivating it in your life.

December 2022

Last Episode of 2022Listen now (18 min) | On this last episode of the year, Ryan and Joey discuss some highlights from 2022 both personal and bigger picture.
The Lord's Day and ChristmasListen now (23 min) | Should You Gather?

November 2022

The Day of Trouble: Depression, Scripture and the God Who is NearListen now (22 min) | A discussion about Joey's upcoming book

October 2022

Reformation Episode: Solo or Sola Scriptura?Listen now (17 min) | On this episode, Joey and Ryan discuss the difference between Sola and Solo and thus the difference between Scripture traditions…
On Defending Life in a Culture of Death Listen now (26 min) | A Conversation with Ryan Holloway, Executive Director of Care Net Peninsula

September 2022

A Conversation about FriendshipListen now (34 min) | What it is, obstacles to it, and how to cultivate it...
Interview with Dave JenkinsListen now (40 min) | The Word Matters: Defending Biblical Authority Against the Spirit of the Age