At Broad Oak Piety, you’ll find podcast episodes, articles, and other resources that demonstrate

  • a commitment to the authority, clarity, and sufficiency of Scripture.

  • a confessionally reformed perspective.

  • all of life is a sacred calling. In other words, the gospel touches everything.

  • we have a body and soul.

  • we should be biblical, joyful, and optimistic in our hope for gospel advance.

Meet the Hosts

Joey is married to Brayden and together they have 3 boys: Henry, Owen, and Ames. He is the pastor of Deer Park Fellowship—a church plant in Newport News, VA. Joey holds degrees from Liberty University (B.S.), The Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary (M.Div.), and Southern Seminary (D.Min.).

Joey is the author of The Day of Trouble: Depression, Scripture, and the God who is Near (Joshua Press, 2022) and Serious Joy: Reflections and Devotions on Jonathan Edwards’ Seventy Resolutions (Founders Press, 2023).

Joey is protestant (baptist), reformed (1689), and evangelical (the old fashion kind).

Ryan is the pastor of Grace Baptist Chapel and has served there since August of 2008. Ryan is married to his beautiful wife Christie, and they have four wonderful children: Micah, Lydia, Shaphan, and Magdalene. Ryan holds degrees from Samford University (B.A.), The College of William & Mary (M.Ed.) in Counseling, and Southern Seminary (Th.M.) in Louisville, KY, and The Free University of Amsterdam, Netherlands in Early Church History/Pastoral Theology (Ph.D.).

Ryan also teaches adjunctly at a University and in several seminaries around the world. He has published a few resources to aid the body of Christ including Thinking Through Anxiety (2017) and Green Pastures: A Primer on the Ordinary Means of Grace (Reformed Baptist Academic Press, 2019).

Ryan is protestant (baptist), reformed (1689), and evangelical (the old fashion kind).

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articles, podcasts, and other resources from a confessionally reformed perspective by Pastors Joey Tomlinson, Ryan Davidson, and their friends.
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John-William is pastor of Grace Baptist Church Aberdeen. He is director of Parrēsia, secretary of Melville-Knox Christian School Aberdeen & author of two books. John-William and his wife, Binglin, have three children, Amos, Endian & Abigail.