Nov 13, 2020 • 32M

Broad Oak Piety Podcast Episode # 27: On the Long Ending of Mark's Gospel

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Broad Oak Piety
A weekly conversation between two confessionally reformed pastors (1689) on topics related to God, worship, and the local church.
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Ryan and I (Joey) sometimes record several episodes at once. You will notice on this episode and the next bad audio quality. This is because yours truly accidentally recorded with our laptop microphones. Hopefully, the audio is clear enough that you can engage with the next two episodes. Do, however, reach out if you have issues. - Joey & Ryan

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The Ecclesiastical Text: Criticism, Biblical Authority & the Popular Mind by Theodore P. Letis

Unholy Hands on the Bible: An Introduction to Textual Criticism by Dean J. Burgon

VIDEO: Intro to Text Criticism by Dr. Michael Barrett